Be smart, pay only for resources you actually use

and get free €4 credits to spend on your analysis each month

PLON Cloud

  • Free 85 h on basic setup each month
  • On the fly resource allocation
  • Unlimited real-time collaborators
  • Unlimited private projects
  • Online IDE for Python, R, Octave, Julia

PLON Enterprise

Host your own platform for data science.
Ideal for Data Driven Businesses, Education or Training Companies.
Unleash the power of PLON tailored to your specific needs.


Monthly plans are coming soon.

Usage Pricing

While working with Plon you exchange available credits for computing resources. You can allocate as many CPUs and as much memory to your projects as you want, even with free account. Pricing plan is very simple and depends on resources you want to use.

Those are example compute options:

CPU RAM Cost (€)/Minute Cost (€)/Hour
1 shared core 0.5 GB 0.0008 0.0469
2 cores 4 GB 0.0035 0.2125
4 cores 8 GB 0.0071 0.425
8 cores 16 GB 0.0142 0.85

Remember that in Plon you are free to define your own configuration anytime.

Choose the configuration you want to check and type in your funds to see how long you can run projects for:

Your budget (€) CPU RAM
Estimated compute time Cost (€) per minute Cost (€) per hour
* * *

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get with free PLON Cloud account?

With PLON Cloud you will get fully functional Data Science platform. Each month we will fund your account with free €4 credits. It’s enough to run your calculations for 85 hours on 1 shared CPU with 0.5 GB RAM. Check in a calculator above for how long your free €4 credits will last if you choose to spend it on more powerful configuration.

What am I charged for?

If you choose PLON Cloud we will charge you only for the time you spend in the IDE editing your code or for the time your calculations are in progress. We calculate usage pro-rated to the minute. You can easily control it by checking in a dashboard basic information about fees being charged at the moment. Moreover, we will stop charging if we notice lack of your activity in the IDE or that your calculation has been finished.

Do you offer an academic discount?

Yes. It is very important for us to support universities and education. Please contact us for more details.

When is my credit card billed?

If you choose PLON Cloud your credit card is billed only when you decide to fund your account with additional credits. Your credit card will not be charged automatically on the recurring basis.

Do you issue an invoice?

Yes. Please send us all necessary tax and company information. You will get an invoice issued by 'Ermlab LLC' company, which developed the PLON.

Who is your payment provider? Is it secure?

We have chosen BrainTree as our payment provider. It is a PayPal Company known for its highest security standards. BrainTree offers a good support for payments from almost all European countries. You can verify us by clicking the badge below:

PLON payments secured by braintree