Focus on doing Data Science

and get rid of setup hassle

Focus on the data and its meaning

Online editor for python, octave, julia or R

Integrated computing environment

PLON provides a ready-to-use computing platform with online IDE. Currently you can create projects based on Octave, Python, R and Julia languages.

All projects in one place

PLON allows you to gather all the organization's projects in one place. You can search them, modify, improve and run your analyses periodically.

Access from different devices

PLON is accessible from the browser. You can run your calculations or preview the results on any device, anywhere, at any time.

Forget about hardware limitations

Allocate cpu and ram to computing projects

The power of cloud computing

The backbone of PLON is a network of high performance computing clusters, ready to provide you with computing resources not avaliable in any of the desktop systems. PLON offers the possibility of speeding up the the calculations or even allows to do the calculations that were previously impossible.

As many resources as you need

In PLON you can assign computational resources to your projects depending on your current demands. Assigning the appropriate number of CPUs and RAM is quick and intuitive. Scale up if you need more data to be processed faster and scale down when you are done.

Employ the power of your team

Online editor with real-time collaboration

True collaboration without compromise

In PLON you can create projects and share them easily with your clients and team members. Our IDE allows your team to collaborate in realtime on writing code and running commands. In addition, built-in editor has such facilities as code auto-completion and syntax highlighting.

Reproducible Research

PLON not only allows you to create your own private projects, but also maintains the repository of public projects submitted by other users. You can fork those projects, improve them or reproduce their results.

Work in a secure environment

Cloud secure IDE for your computing projects

Secure cloud platform

Our team cares about the security related to data storage and processing. The unique design of the platform ensures that projects have isolated resources and cannot be accessed by unauthorized users.

On premise platform

PLON can also be hosted on your servers, behind your firewall, protected by your data center security mechanisms. Contact us for more details.