scraping otomoto




Scrape polish moto website

Scrape vechicle data from polish moto website and analyze mileage vs year relationship.

Libraries used:

  • beautiful soap
  • pandas
  • matplotlib

Main conclusions

The main conclusions are shown at diagrams below. The mileage stop increasing after 8, this relationship is logarithmic rather then linear :) You can change make and model variables in the scriptos to crape and plot different vehicles (i.e. try volkswagen golf)

Opel Astra mileage per year

Opel Astra mileage per year

Opel Astra price per year

Opel Astra price per year


  • [2017-05-26 3:42] v0.1.3 : Updated readme

  • [2017-05-25 20:22] v0.1.2 : provide better readme, add some information about python libraries: pandas, matplotlib and soap for web scraping

  • [2017-05-25 20:11] v0.1.1 : first version, scrape otomoto and save data, then plot basic milage vs year

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