Octave 4





Base project for Octave 4

GNU Octave is powerful engineering-oriented syntax with built-in plotting and visualization tools. It is consider as drop-in compatible with many Matlab** scripts.

Octave is an open-source interactive software system for numerical computations and graphics. It is particularly designed for matrix computations: solving simultaneous equations, computing eigenvectors and eigenvalues and so on. In many real-world engineering and data analysis problems the data can be expressed as matrices and vectors, and boil down to these forms of solution.

Online octave computing

This project can serve you as template for all kind numerical problem and it is good starting point for homeworks, research projects or self-learning. If you need some custom packages you can easily install from Octave Forge, just type in a input command box (console)

pkg install -forge package_names
pkg load package_name
pkg install -forge image
pkg load image

Octave image

The image is based on Ubuntu 14.04, after starting a project you have access to online web terminal, project user has some administrative rights, so you can install all necessary system packages. Just type into console:

apt-get install package_name


  • you can run octave code online on our infrastructure
  • you can create scritps and store project in the cloud
  • we will give you free computing hours, which renew each month
  • you have online access to your project through online web terminal
  • you can easily connect your project with github
  • you can add collaborators and write code togather in realtime

If you are looking for more specialized template projects or projects for other languages just explore our computing repository. Maybe you will be intersted with:

Octave/Matlab learning resources


  • [2017-04-20 11:30] v1.0.1 : Update Readme.
  • [2016-08-20 08:23] v1.0.0 Create project, add basic readme, compile octave.