Getting started with Geo Data Science



Geo Data Science with Python

Geographic data science is a subset of data science that emphasis on location based data. By location based, we mean maps, description of objects and their relationship in space.


There are several Geo data processing modules in python that perform different geo processing tasks, they include GeoPandas, Folium, Fiona, Rasterio, Geopy, Cartopy, Shapely, PySAL, etc. You can find more here.

In this project we will only use one of them (Folium) in conjunction with Pandas a powerful data wrangling module in Data Science ecosystem. Folium is a python Geo data module that makes it possible to create beautiful HTML web maps with Leaflet.js & Python.

Python is really a great tool and is becoming an increasingly popular language among the Geospatial Data Scientists. The reason being, it's easy to learn, integrates well with other databases and tools like ArcGIS and QGIS. Majorly, it has a great computational intensity and has powerful data analytics libraries.


  • Creating a base map
  • Adding a point to the map
  • Adding multiple points to the map
  • Exploring data using pandas
  • Geo visualizing and analyzing
  • Visually analyzing the airports by elevation


A broader description of usage of this project can be found on


For an easy start just run the file !


  • [2017-08-28 09:38:29] v0.1.2: Changed map marker to “CircleMarker” for a clearer map.

  • [2017-08-28 09:26:16] v0.1.1: Modified